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    camlock fittings

    K&G Hose coupling, Pipe fitting, Hose clamp leading brand.
    Main products: camlock coupling, TW coupling, geka coupling, guillemin coupling, storz coupling, hose mender, KC nipple, pipe fitting and hose clamp.Export to over 35 countries.
    100% products test / ISO9001, CE, OHSAS certificate

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    Main products: air hose, black suction, Heavy duty PVC Suction, High Quality Flexible Non-Toxic Transparent Nylon Braided PVC Hose, Lay flat PVC
    100% products test / ISO9001, CE, OHSAS certificate.
    Export to over 35 countries. …

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    CANTAI Valve leading brand Founded in 1988.
    Main products: ball valve, check valve, foot valve, angle valve, gate valve, flange valve, globe valve, safety valve
    100% products test / ISO9001, CE, OHSAS certificate.
    Export to over 35 countries. …

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    The working principle of globe valve

    Thread fitting consists of a sealing ring, a connecting part and a used to connect the pipe union nut,... read more

    Merits of Brass Camlock Fitting

    K&G is Brass Camlock Fitting manufacturer, which is also called cam and groove couplings, enable you to quickly connect... read more

    How to select valve in different temperatures

    When choose valve in?high temperature, housing material and the inner member material?which?has?a high temperature and strong body?should be considered,... read more

    Brief introduction of SS camlock coupling

    K&G is SS camlock coupling manufacturer, we have been in the field of manufacturing SS camlock fitting nearly 20... read more

    Washing step of valve

    All parts of valve must be processed through the following process before assembling and installing: 1.According to the processing requirements,... read more

    The shortcomings of the ball valve

    1.Because the the most important valve seat sealing material?of ball valve is PTFE, it is almost inert to all... read more

    Stainless steel camlock coupling weaving “hive”

    The stainless steel camlock coupling material adopts imported stainless steel. The surface of the double color buckle tube adopts... read more

    Is it good to choose a camlock coupling?

    1. Although the camlock coupling can prevent water leakage in the short term, there is a defect in choosing... read more

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